mickey mouse, sunglasses, and guitar competitions.

there have been a few occasions in my life when i’ve been told by those around me that i was embarrassing them — in other words, they didn’t really want to be associated with me at that exact moment. the reasons have varied from my being too loud, to my stubborn refusal to take a leaf out of my hair, to the ridiculously cool sunglasses i recently acquired.

yes, i have new shades.  and i love them.

and although everyone else laughs at them, makes fun of me when i wear them, and have dubbed me “mickey mouse” because how large and round they are, they’re really just jealous because i’m cool enough to get away with such a ridiculous style.

yeah, i’ll keep telling myself that.

on a bit more serious note, i have a dear sister who is in california and is playing in a guitar competition tomorrow. and i’ll end this this rather uninspired post by letting her know that i’m thinking of her from across the country.

julia, take luck!

6 thoughts on “mickey mouse, sunglasses, and guitar competitions.

  1. well, most people would be told by me to take the shades off in public, but for some reason with you, I just feel like I am bringing a strange foreigner out with me. You sat on the bleachers looking so in your own world – I LOVED it!

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