monday, december 3rd

i walked to work today. the snow was coming down and i wore a hat with a blue pom-pom on top (i know, cool, right?). i’m not known for loving winter, cold, or snow, but i must admit, it was somehow invigorating to be out there so early.

i’m so my mother’s daughter.

i came home early today from work. i cleaned a bathroom and decorated christmas cookies and spent time talking with my sisters. then tonight we decorated our christmas tree (there are pictures here) and right now we have charlie brown’s christmas on.

it is christmas time.

4 thoughts on “monday, december 3rd

  1. Hi Louissa!

    Happy winter wonderland! As I mentioned at Kayla’s festivities, I so appreciate your site. How accomodating you have been to have all my favorite links. But my darling Louissa, you have failed to keep current. You do know that Mrs. Melville’s link is now (http://mom2mkei.blogspot.com) and so if you could update, it would be so helpful to your many constituents. Enjoy the season, as I know you do, and thanks for your assistance. Yours truly, Mrs Kinnen:)

  2. I wanted to plop down next to you and chat when I stopped in this evening. Alas, I still had groceries in my van to unload before making dinner to feed my family, and I simply didn’t have the time.

    So yeah. You should come here lots and chat.

    And if you want to share a meal or a cup of coffee or hot chocolate or whatever, too, you know I’m always willing, right?

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