the big boy had closed himself into one of the downstairs room and we could hear the soothing voice of the lady on the yoga cd coming through the doors.  a “little” tall woman gathered digital cameras to make sure all photos that were taken yesterday were collected.  the little boy sat at the dining room table learning new card tricks with the papa of the family.  a new cd played in the kitchen while the rest of the little women in the house scrambled about with vacuum’s, dusting rags, and arms full of gifts that were brought to their designated places.

it’s the day after a wonderful day.  which happens to land in a wonderfully busy week.  our party plans continue until after the new year — evenings filled with company at the house so we can watch movie, play games, finish all the Christmas cookies still in our tins, and enjoy this time with us.

it really is the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it?

(there are pictures from our wonderful day here)

3 thoughts on “christmas

  1. Louissa,
    I am glad to see that you all had a wonderful
    family day together. I enjoyed your pictures
    very much. Isn’t family time wonderful.

  2. I like the pictures, they are fun. If I ever have a Christmas with family at my house I will use your families pix of how to decorate my table!


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