red and pink day at my house

i left work early because of a large head and a stuffed nose. i curled up in a blanket and said that i was watching the favorite film of the house, but i must confess, i was really shopping online for floor lamps for this building and writing emails to friends in faraway places.

but the vegging had to end at some point. so up i got, convincing two sisters that all the work we had to do was going to be fun. we were already wearing pink and all we had to do was frost cookies, make dinner, and set a table for fourteen. no problem.

and really, although no one in the house has been feeling very well, there is nothing that i enjoy doing more. i might be the rare sinclair that always freaks out about not having enough, has anxiety attacks when she thinks her food is going to cool down too much before we start eating, and has to have the coffee all pre-set before you actually sit down for the main course, but really, i love what i did for my family.

i did my best to make valentines day (a favorite holiday around here) special. and really, it was lovely.

but before i continue with this horrid writing, i’ll just end with a link to pictures. people always like pictures the best anyway.

so here. go look at a glimpse of the sinclair valentines day.

3 thoughts on “red and pink day at my house

  1. Hey!
    Is so nice to find a Louissa, because our daughter is called Louissa too. Her second Name is Zoe. Do you know something about the meaning of the name? We have only found a Sarah-Louissa in Germany. Your daughter is very nice. Have a good time.
    Kerstin, Thomas, Elias and Louissa from Germany

  2. Wanna play a game of Mensch argere Dich nicht? I’ll teach you how to play. Do you know what it means?
    P.S. Will I see you at the “big” game this coming Saturday?

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