2:40pm and i’m going home for the day.

with the click of a button i accidentally changed my theme.

now it’s pink.

technically i think people would say i’m getting too old for such looks.

but i say that i should have fun while i’m still young.

i’m in a musical.

opening night is tonight.

i’m in the mood to eat cheese danish.

perhaps i should try making it at some point.

if i could be anywhere right now i’d be on a boat somewhere.

of course i’d take you, my dear reader.

3 thoughts on “ramblings…

  1. I saw the pink and panicked. What if she’s removed the list? Ah… there’s the list and then the thought came, “Should I be offended that I am not on the list?” Nah, I think not, after all I am still a xanga gal!

  2. I just love this new theme look Louissa. I actually like it better than the other one. I think it is totally you, and I’m right there along with you, you should have fun while you’re still young, even the older folks like myself, still feel the same way too! Ya gotta have fun no matter what your age is. I’m a woman who really likes to laugh a lot as well. You’re such a sweetheart. You really are!

    Nancy C.

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