paranoid driver

the other day i was walking to work, happened to glance up and see a cop coming towards me.  in the few seconds that followed my mouth went dry, my heart skipped a beat, and i actually thought, “i wonder if i’m doing anything wrong.”  i then remembered that i was walking and he could hardly pull me over for speeding, not coming to a complete stop, turning in the wrong lane or talking on my cell phone while using my two feet.

paranoid much?  i think so.

One thought on “paranoid driver

  1. You’re so funny Louissa. Since a received a speeding ticket for not slowing down fast enough in the Buck’s Bridge area when the Madrid bridge first went out, and I was rerouted, when I see a speed limit sign, I do the same thing (immediately my foot slides off the pedal and instantly slow down, and when I see a trooper’s car, my heart races, my eyes instantly go to the speedometer and my foot off the pedal. Weird how our minds work isn’t it? I just love you. You’re the sweetest.
    Nancy C.

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