thankful #3

today i’m thankful for…

the wonderful people around me.

people who don’t mind my cold feet up against them.
people who run out the door when i’m leaving just to give me a hug.
people who let me steal their clothes when my piles get low.
people who give kisses (everyone should have little people around them).
people who help with menu planning for a bridal shower.
people who make me coffee and know how much sugar and cream i like.
people who glow because of their love for our Savior.
people who endure listening to the same song on repeat because i’m in a rut.
people who watch over me, protect, and love me (i have the bestest parents).
people who send me texts just to say they love me.

yes, the wonderful people in my life.

One thought on “thankful #3

  1. Isn’t it great to be part of the body of Christ? I know it’s easy to take wonderful people for granted, so thanks for the reminder. I know so many people at my workplace who are all alone, and here I have an enormous network of family, school, and church friends who would take care of me if anything ever happened. We really do have much to be thankful for.

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