sneakers baby.

last week i finally bought sneakers. and i finally kept the pair that i purchased. after having much trouble sneaker shopping i decided the only way i was going to actually do this thing was if i humbly asked for help from those who are more experienced in such areas. i did so and i successfully purchased a pair of sneakers.

i know. so not sinclair. and you might be thinking that they’re pretty darn ugly as well.


after keeping them in their box for a week and glancing at them every now and then, unable to actually admit to the fact that i bought sneakers that might not look like what i usually wear but are good, i finally took them out and wore them today. and they’re so comfortable! after years of disdain for all those “everyday sneaker wearers” i suddenly understand why they do such things. they feel good! they’re light — i don’t feel like i have shoes on! they have good support!

and i make these dorky shoes look good. heck yes, that’s right.

and i’m thankful for that.

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