status update

facebook, gmail chat, and twitter have proved that people love to write about themselves in third person.  and for some reason, people also love reading it.  so why not blog one ginormous facebook status update?


is in California and enjoying the sun.

thinks that she likes the idea of summer all year round, but is a bit partial to experiencing all four months.

is wearing her favorite red shoes.  she can only wear these when there isn’t snow to tramp through.

‘s favorite sweater has stupid sap drippings all over the back from sitting under a tree.  this is quite vexing.

loves goodnight kisses from the cutest two year old.

is sitting on her sister’s couch, watching her sister walk the most squishy boy in the world.

thinks her brother-in-law is a crack up.

enjoys sitting by water watching the sailboats while laughing and talking with her sister.

is convinced that lazy mornings are the best.

thinks it odd that her blog never loads properly.

will be watching the Super Bowl shortly… in the afternoon.  she can add that to her strange Super Bowl watching experiences.

purchased a card for $5 yesterday.  what a rip off.

couldn’t help but purchase the card.  it was so perfect!

is looking forward to talking to a certain someone more than watching the all-american football game (don’t tell nobody).

isn’t too sure about returning to the cold north country.

is glad there are a few more days to be spent here.

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