into the woods

my blog-a-day is going to turn into no-blogging-through-the-weekend.  why?  well, let’s just say that there are a few joys about going to a house that’s hidden in the woods.  and they are: limited internet access (no time warner there, baby!) and limited cell phone reception.  and that’s just fine by me.

a few days without access to the world does a soul good.

yes, into the woods i go today.  the way is clear but by the time i leave the light might not be.  thankfully i don’t have many fears… well, except for the very large moose that i’ve heard suddenly appear in the middle of the road at times.  you hit one of those bad boys and your life is over.  but that’s all i have to worry about.

and if you don’t know the musical into the woods then everything i just wrote seems like utter nonsense.  i apologize.

all of that to say, the consistent blogging, although it has been fun, will pause for a bit.  but it’s not that i’m ignoring just you — more like i’m ignoring the entire world.

i’ll be back though — no worries.

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