i know, i know — it’s been awhile since i posted.  there is a reason.  really, i’m not just being lazy.  so here’s the update on what’s been keeping me so busy:

1.  work.  yeah, kinda lame that work is always my #1 response.  but busy i am because of it.  people consistently ask, “what do you do all day?”  i’m not going to sit here and list every little thing that goes on in my very small 10×12 office every week, but if you’re really curious or concerned that i don’t actually do anything but sit and wait for the phone to ring, you’re welcome to come and shadow me for a day or so.

2.  worship.  i’ve been standing in front of a keyboard and singing songs with my church since i was… uh, fifteen.  wow.  it’s been a long time (and one would think that after years of doing it i wouldn’t ever have those ‘rough sundays’).  i send emails and make phone calls to find replacements for musicians.  i try to organize our ever disorganized  box of music.  and i show up thursday evening for a two hour practice.  oh, and i get up at an ungodly hour sunday morning for an early practice and then lead during the service.  yup, that’s what i do.  glamorous, hey?

3.  choir class.  i teach Kindergarten & 1st graders to sing songs and have fun while doing so.  the hand motions aren’t done together and they have the worst pronunciation of french & german i’ve ever heard, but that might be because their teacher is so american.  we also learn class etiquette. we learn more about that than we do about music.  the biggest reminder is to not poke the person next to you.  such are the hardships of being a five year old.

4.  cell group.  i have an international cell group at this point.  a whole lot of koreans and a chinese and i gather every friday and they ask me questions and we look at the Bible.  sometimes i can’t understand them at all and sometimes they can’t understand me.  it adds up for a very interesting time.

5.  sunday school.  i taught our women’s sunday school today.  my mouth went dry, my hands started to shake, and the pit stains grew larger.  i love being nervous.  i only had enough to speak for 43 minutes (the class is 50 minutes) and i talked about mary magdalene.  i learned some very good stuff about this lady while taking five hours yesterday to prepare, but if you’re looking for an easy character to teach on, pick someone else.  she’s a toughie.

6.  the phone.  every few days i talk to a boy (someday i’ll clean off my desktop — promise).  it’s a very strange new way of living for me.  i used to avoid the phone like the plague.  now every few days i get more excited that i’ve ever been to hold a small piece of plastic to my ear for an hour or so.  (i also spent more than two hours on the phone with a blonde beauty who lives in calgary, canada on friday night)

7.  being tired.  i’m generally just tired.  i go to bed early when i can and stay in bed as long as i can.  two months ago i blamed it on those horrid “february blues” but that’s not a real valid excuse anymore.  i keep telling myself that everything “extra” will end in a few months — summer is going to be my saving grace — and i’ll be able to breath a bit and get rejuvinated.  and that’ll happen.


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  1. Louissa,
    I just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed your teaching on Mary this morning. I have a whole new insight on who this faithful woman was. You did a great job and I have lots to “chew” on now.

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