i’ve not been so busy recently.  well, at least not the kind of busy one thinks when hearing that word.  i’ve been making time for the small things.  after all, it’s those small things we don’t bother to notice much that make up our world.

and i’ve been remembering.  remembering that happiness and joy can be found in…

making dinner and sitting around the table.

attending a lovely growing-up-too-fast-sister’s violin recital and being the proudest because she played the best.

spending a sunny day with another darling sister and the favorite-ist boy.

making a lunch date with a girl i grew up with.

a friend who gave me a free fix on my car.

having time to clean my bathroom, make brownies, and fold laundry.

enjoying the weather — rain or shine.  all i know is that spring is coming.

being around.  to be around with whoever else happens to be around.

reading my Bible.  talking to Him.  and journaling.

yes, i’m finding goodness.

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