no work. no, none at all.

i have this week off.  i’m home but i don’t work.  ’tis wonderful.

i vacuum and dust.  i fold laundry and consolidate piles that have collected in the house.  i go out and buy new bedding that’s yellow & blue & gold.  i plan a movie night and schedule to have my car inspected.  i watch everyone leave the house and stay when i would normally go.  i think of sitting and playing my piano.  i get ready for some fun in the next couple of days.  i sleep in and drink coffee.  i don’t shower until one ‘o clock in the afternoon.  i purpose to be thankful for these days while i wish for them to not go by as quickly.

One thought on “no work. no, none at all.

  1. I rather like having you home. i think we should consider making this a permanent arrangement.

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