grateful heart.

“Everday, I lose my way and the steps back to the Way can be counted, one blessing at a time. Gratitude glues us to God.”

she caught my attention today as i scanned photos and words quickly.  lose my way?  steps back?  glues us to God?  i feel as though i’ve lost my way recently.  my perspective feels off, Jesus so distant, and gratitude like a distant friend.

i’ve looked for the little blessings throughout my day and found that gratefulness springs forth from my heart from…

: the sound of little yellow gigi welcoming the world in the morning

: spontaneous family BBQs

: sun warming

: people speaking wisdom

: being in a 12×12 room every.single.day with the most wonderful person

: little boys cheering football teams on

: dreaming dreams for siblings

: strength and peace from time with Him

: little people who bring happiness to this heart

: quiet evenings with my family

: and mostly because He gives such good things.  i’m a blessed girl.

yes, i’ve been given an abundance of goodness.

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