some favorite things.

a bit of sunshine in my life right now.

today i tried to clip my yellow delight’s toenails.  it wasn’t a very good experience on either parties side.  i chased her and she fluttered away, eventually hurting her foot to the point where it was bleeding and she held it up under her body and perched one-legged while still trying to stay away from my grip.  she managed to get back into her cage and no nail clipping happened.  the rest of the afternoon was me whispering, “i’m sorry, baby” to my poor Gigi.  i’ve never felt like such an awful person.

we three — we be tight.

rolling through the north country with two favorites.  ice cream, house gazing, story telling, rollerblading joking — it’s all good.


mmm.  stretching at the gas station during a 10 hour car ride.  good fun and good memories.  i like laughing.  and most know this guy as the guy of laughs and parties.  it’s nice — someone who makes me laugh so much.  and it’s nice — someone who is more than just laughs.

summer break.

a break from makeup?  can it be?  summer goodness at it’s best = feeling good enough to go out makeup-less.

One thought on “some favorite things.

  1. ah, yes. a little sun-kissed skin, and you can lock the makeup away.

    of course, i’m not speaking of me. too little sleep negates any sun-kissedness. and yes. i just made that word up.


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