young at heart.

12:55am.  i’m exhausted.  and sleep isn’t coming.

instead darker color will join the circles under my eyes which have been my constant companion of late.  i suppose they move in when sleep finds a new place to be.  after many nights of tossing and turning until shut eye finally comes to my rescue, i laid here for over an hour tonight only to throw my covers off, sigh, and say that i give up.

but what is one to do at such a late hour but still so very tired?

update a blog?  i’ll give it a try.

i signed up for a dance class tonight.  i’ll join a whole group of 14-18 year olds and try my hand at ballet and lyrical.  14-18.  last time i checked i was 21.  i asked if they had adult classes.  they looked at me and recommended that i stick with the younger one.  “there’s a recital at the end of each semester,” they said to convince me.  it worked.  costumes?  makeup?  on a stage?  sign me up!

after shopping and using my credit card for the first time ever (gotta be a big girl and build my credit) mumsie and i got out of my car, arms full of bags, and she sighed while saying, “look at you, with your own car and everything!”  i giggled while telling her that i really am an adult now.  i don’t think the giggle convinced her.

i tried on a pair of grey slingback heels that arrived in the mail today.  everyone oohed and aahed and i felt like pretty hot stuff… until i realized that i wasn’t quite sure how to strut with skinny tall sticks on the bottom of the shoes.  and  people say those things will support you!  i had to ask the mumsie to teach me how to walk properly.  yeah, big girl of me, huh?

i met a new college student this past sunday.  his sister, a friend of mine, dragged him to the front row to introduce us.  with much experience and ease i lead the usual small talk: what school are you going to?  what year are you?  what are you going for?  what do you think of the area?  — all the boring questions that are expected of me to ask.  suddenly noticing his glasses and this crazy cool design on them i burst out, “ohmygoodness!  you have the coolest glasses!  dude, the blue design is awesome!  he replied slightly surprised and not very impressed, “wow. you get really excited about really little things.”

i brought home three new purses from shopping earlier (somehow i have to decide which one to keep).  at first i thought i’d branch out so one of them is yellow.  the other two?  hot pink.  someone save me from my Legally Blonde way of living.

no wonder i never feel like i’m growing up.

but really, why would i want to if i had to give this all up (minus the walking lessons of course)?

anyway.  this never-growing-up-girl needs to find her sleep.  goodnight, world.

5 thoughts on “young at heart.

  1. It was a fun night, for sure. Such excitement over dance lessons! And shoes! And pink bags!
    And the shoes looked wonderful on you, sweetie!

  2. I would definitely join the dance class with you if I lived there! Oh and if growing up means being someone we’re not… I’m definitely not for it either!

  3. Well, if it is any consolation, I joined my very first dance class at age 26 and all my little classmates were 14 -15! I still loved it!

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