changin’ the focus

this may be hard to believe, but i’ve been in a downright rotten mood for the last… several months.  it’s true.  i, louissa sinclair (also known as: sweetheart, sweetie, the kindest, the nicest, the gentlest, etc.), have been wearing my grumpy pants for a bit too long.

i don’t generally…

say truthful mean things
have a condescending attitude
lose my patience
take my frustrations out on the first poor soul to cross me
or belittle others

but recently?  all this awfulness has been coming out.  pretty bad, huh?  time to change my perspective on life and get some Goodness in me!

so i’m thankful for…

presents erupting from the bottom of our tree
siblings and parents and nieces and nephews to buy things for
twinkle lights. everywhere i look. twinkle lights.
bedtime stories
crying while reading to a nephew and having him hold my hand
noisy chaotic dinners
blessings in the form of the little people who make the dinners noisy & chaotic
pretty white fresh clean snow
a car that runs well even with 168,000+ miles on it
sisters who have the foresight to say “no” to constant baking of cookies
people who take the time to ask, “how are you really doing?”
Light & Life (more to come on those two things soon)
and family being together.

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