one of those should-be-left-untitled entries…

i’ve technically clocked out but still sit here at my office.  i’m not sure i want to move now that my feet have finally warmed up.  but the sun is starting to go down, a sister, brother-in-law, and two babes are at home who aren’t usually there, and i should get my rear in action and face the cold again.

but since writing has been scarce…

1.  i opened my car hood for the first time ever today.  i couldn’t figure it out at first and had to go ask my friend who was inside a mechanic shop how to do it (way to make yourself feel stupid).  i then stood there for a few seconds with the incredibly heavy piece of metal in my hands unsure of how people normally prop it open.  i never did figure it out so instead i held it open with my hip while i opened a bottle of windshield washer fluid.  moral of the story: extremely spoiled little girls don’t know a thing about vehicles.

2.   extremely spoiled girls shouldn’t go to mechanics by themselves either.  yesterday i brought my car in for a normal oil change.  as happens with young girls who don’t know anything, i walked away with a bill $60 more than i originally expected but a much “cleaner” car.  the young mechanic came in with that ridiculous grin on his face while he explained what he needed to do because we both knew that while i was nodding like i understood the truth was every word he said was gibberish to me.  ripped off much?  yeah, that’s me.

but enough with car problems.

3.  i’ve thought more about joseph than i ever have this holiday season.  a lot was asked of that one man and knowing my own self, i wonder how he did it.  “He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.”  joseph received Him while many didn’t… and don’t.  joseph’s eyes were opened to the great plan of God for his own life — to raise the Son of God.  and i just kept thinking, do i miss Him?  when He comes to me offering His plan for my own life, do i push it away?  how blinded am i?  how hardened is this heart?  i’d like to think that i’m like joseph, but i’m not very sure that’s accurate.

4.  although i’ve come back to work, i like the slow evenings of games and movies and late night snacking that’s spilled over from christmas.  must we go back to the real world so soon?

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