disgruntled much?

more tiredness and sleepy eyes while i finally open my laptop to end my day.  i drove home anticipating a night of undisturbed slumber (please, dear Jesus, please) and a morning where i could sleep until my body told me it was ready to rise.  right now, there’s nothing that sounds more blissful (i apologize to all parents who are reading this, but i’m just taking advantage of my season of life).

but i arrived home and was reminded of an 8am meeting i have to attend.  why-oh-why?

my life hates me.

scratch that.  my life hates me. my tummy hates me.  i’m hungry.  a lot.  and it’s in turmoil just as much.  i feel as though my stomach, intestines, and whatever else is involved in the digestive system, is mimicking a WWII battle to the best of their abilities and my pangs of pain are saying their doing an awfully good job.  and there’s no rest.  it continues all the time.

so, not as much sleep, a hungry girl, and an upset tummy — watch out world, my flesh will be an awfully cross girl in the morning.  good thing my 8am is full of worship, prayer, and Bible time.  it just might help this poor attitude.

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