the randoms of my life…

1.  i’ve got prettiness hanging above my bed.

2.  i received a “notice of delinquency” from the government today.  i’ve never found anything quite so humorous.

3.  i’m looking at tickets to go to idaho.  what in the world is in idaho?  friends.  and a friend getting married to another friend.  and faces and people i haven’t seen in over 3 years.  spending time with them?  that, my dear reader, is great news.

4.  i’ve never been too much of an addict of any tv show.  in the last six months though there are three of us that pile on my bed and watch a certain show.  and tonight, my heart hurts a little bit from it.  who knew that bones could touch the soul in such a manner?

5.  i started work on my own little bedroom in this house full of people in mid-january.  fresh paint, new decorations — everything was reworked.  my wall hangings sat on the floor for months though.  there was one pathetic attempt to hang them on an emotionally frenzied afternoon that ended with nothing hung and my mums sending her 21 year old to bed for a nap.  i know — i am the picture of maturity.  but today i finally tried my hand at hanging framed wonders and we have a few up.  although the end product had my shoulders slumped in defeat since i wished that one was an inch lower and the other an inch higher, they’re up and my walls aren’t bare.

good enough.

2 thoughts on “the randoms of my life…

  1. Olivia is addicted to Bones and makes me watch it with her every week. I don’t understand it at all, i find such things rather gross and disturbing.

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