i spent most of my time today by myself and oh-so-tired.  the office was so cold that i considered turning the space heater on at one point and the sky so grey (most of the time) that i was convinced it was telling me to quit life, crawl into bed, and sleep myself into an oblivion.

obviously i couldn’t do that and i had to keep myself awake somehow so these are a few things that kept me company and brightened my rather lonely day.

1)  chatting with my dad online.  haven’t experienced that?  you probably won’t.  he reserves his chatting for employees and employees alone.  so, let me just tell you that it’s unlike chatting with anyone else.  apparently he hasn’t received the memo that nobody capitalizes, uses proper punctuation (especially a semicolon), or types a whole paragraph before pushing “send” on gchat.

2)  a perfectly scrumptious orange.  while it was chilly and overcast and windy and everything else that didn’t help me wake from my zombie-like state, i pulled out that perfectly delightful goodness and was quite happy to find that i grabbed probably the juiciest and tastiest from the fruit basket at home.  i always pretend that i’m in Little Women and oranges are a rare treat.  it makes it taste better.

3)  ingrid michaelson music.  she sings to me.  all the time.  and i’m not sure she realizes how greatly appreciated she is.  that little blue office would have been eerily quiet without her today.

4)  the random man who strolled into the office in the afternoon with a delivery.  it wasn’t actually for the church, but the golf course that we lease, so i strolled with him outside to find the right person to deal with.  he told me stories of when he had gone to school in our building and how strange it was to walk through those doors again.  i like those people the most.

5)  later in the day the sun came out.  and it was the best companion a girl could ask for.  nothing does better than good ‘ole mr. sun.

One thought on “company

  1. 1) That is hilarious! Lori and Tim totally do the same thing whenever they chat. They are very grammatically correct.

    2) AMAZING! I was totally craving an orange yesterday, but we didn’t have any around. I’m glad you got to enjoy that bright bit of God’s creation 🙂

    3) That video is trippy.

    4) Talking to random people can be fun.

    5) YES! 😀 I love Mr. Sun! He makes me smile very very big!

    Hope you have a super day today, Louissa! God bless!

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