morning office thoughts.

“just another day in the office,” i thought as i walked into the dark room trying to psyche myself up for emails, cleaning up of two classes that took place last night, taking care of details for a conference happening this weekend, and a dose of good ‘ole numbers that have to do with finances.

but after turning on the light i noticed our messages bulletin board for the staff which is hardly ever used held a message for me.  the message?  a handwritten note from a dear soul of a friend.  it was a thank you note really — thanking me for teaching him about friendship and the ways i apparently bless those around me.  my immediate reaction is that of anyone else:  if only he really knew me.  then he wouldn’t be saying this.  i’m not a good friend, i’m not joyful, i don’t inspire.

but he knows that.  he knows i’m not perfect.  he’s seen my imperfections.  and yet somehow he’s seen the good in there — the Christ in me.  it may have been a simple card but the fact that he took the time to write this and leave it in my envelope gave me a bit of encouragement to keep loving those around me and offer grace & joy whenever i can.

suddenly it wasn’t just another day to try to endure and somehow persevere through.  it became an opportunity.  everyday, through my hours and hours of work in this little blue office, i interact with so many people.  and like this friend, i have the chance to speak words of life — words that empower and embolden — that will, like this card did, give confidence that although you might feel like you’re a lousy failure at life, i see where you’re excelling and i can encourage to keep going.

you may be thinking to yourself, “it’s just an office job, louissa.”  and you’re right — it is.  and you may work at burger king but you also have this opportunity.  you have co-workers and friends and family who you can encourage.  i’ve just come to realize that my job may be a bit unique.   i have “relationships” with an entire congregation and people i didn’t used to have any interaction with i find myself conversing with on a weekly basis.  opportunities for me to bless with kind and gentle words abound in my life.

have i mentioned that i rather like my job?  oh, i have?  well, i guess this proves that i really do.

now i’m gonna go clean up some classrooms.

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