the close of a good day.

thanksgiving day is coming to a close.  a parade was watched, wanna-a-be donuts eaten, appetizers prepared and served, games played, more food cooked (i feel a bit as though i spent the entire day in the kitchen!), a grand feast had, cleanup done by many, the best pies in the entire world enjoyed, a christmas song sing-a-long to usher in the new season by all, a favorite movie for all the women & football game for the men, and a few rows for a new scarf were knitted this evening by me!

we enjoyed today.  i enjoyed today.  and although there’s plenty of thankfulness in my heart, i’ll just tell you a favorite of today the fall.

i’m thankful for football in the backyard.  i grew up playing the game and it just feels right to look outside throughout the fall season and see those little men running around, chasing, and throwing the ball.  many games have been played in the last month and today the field saw another.

some of the little men:

and yes, those are white painted lines on my backyard that make a 30 yard field for many to enjoy.  my dad’s the best dad to his kids and one day he and the little brother created this wonderful area for many afternoon games.

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  1. This is now a favorite entry. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for cataloging this very special fall season with photos and memoir. LOVE IT.

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