no pressure. not tonight at least.

i saw this over at abraham’s place (that’s where i find all the funny videos  i pass along) this morning and chuckled.  the last 24 hours have been pull-your-hair-out-frustrating as i tried to figure out what i’m doing to celebrate the coming of a new year.  at around 5:30pm last night i was in the midst of trying to bend myself (and others) into a pretzel in order not to disappoint some dear friends when i finally realized —

i’m stressed enough about much more serious things.  why let an event that’s supposed to be a wonderful celebration give me an ulcer?  i didn’t need it.

if it happened easily, i would travel around the country and say hello to all of you wonderful friends tonight.  i would usher this new year in with hugs and happiness with every soul that’s so dear to me.  but that’s not easy.  and because it’s not, i’m releasing myself of all pressure to to make sure that new year’s eve is spent with everyone.

perhaps i shall whisper “happy new year!” in the quietness of my yellow little room.  that shall be fine for this simple soul.

here’s to a no-pressure, fun-filled celebration.

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