i’m obsessed enough with myself that i just looked to see what day of the week my birthday falls this year.  somehow a friday or saturday birthday seems best because you can make celebrating a whole weekend affair and i just love celebrating… me.  i know, it’s terrible and i shouldn’t love when everyone’s focus is on me quite this much, but i do.  i love being loved.

(and don’t you love being loved on that much?)

this year my birthday is on a tuesday.  ugh.  tuesday.  the only thing worse would be a thursday birthday.  i dislike thursdays more than you probably hate wednesdays.

but three years ago my birthday also fell on a tuesday (please do not ask how i remember such things).

all this to say:

dear calendar,

please have march 15 be on a saturday in 2012.  i’ve had enough tuesday birthdays recently.

thanks lots,

4 thoughts on “confession

  1. I have solved this similar plight for myself by declaring every day my birthday. Ask any member of my family or Tommy Q. and they will say this is so.

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