nearing the end of february. yes.

i’m sorry for my horrid attitude towards a month that hasn’t done much to deserve such a strong dislike (besides welcoming cold & snow when everyone is just ready to be done), and i’ve honestly tried to do better this year, but i just can’t get around the fact that come february, i am ready for winter to be done.

it’s true that march isn’t exactly a guarantee that spring is here, but it definitely seems more probable than in february.  so we’re here, nearing the end of these 28 days, and my office is being made ready for spring.  i received two presents of flowers today.

say hello to my dear window and its decoration.

a closeup of the pretties that a dear girl made for me.

and today brought a smiling face and red tulips.  i do believe that’s the best way to ask spring to come.

we shall ignore the fact that snow is said to come 4 out of the next 10 upcoming days.  during the snowfalls, you’ll be able to find me in my flower-filled office, fingers crossed, wishing warm weather upon us!

One thought on “nearing the end of february. yes.

  1. I don’t know who brought you flowers, but I love them, okay? Okay? I love them for bringing you beautiful things. I don’t care who they are, tell them I love them. That’s all.

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