thank you, Jesus

…for this warm day.

…for the chance to wear green & host a fun dinner (and for a mums who lets me use her house for said dinner).

…for an office that i enjoy coming to, bosses who encourage, and for giving me the best coworkers imaginable.

…for turning yesterday, one of my worst days ever, into one of the very best. You humble, You correct, and You love so greatly.

3 thoughts on “thank you, Jesus

  1. the chairs in your office turn it into such a comfy space. i wish i could come visit more often. perhaps this warm weather will necessitate some serious walking that turns into visiting. 🙂

  2. Your smile just brightened my day!
    Wish I could walk over for a visit some time, but, alas, I live and work too far away.
    Glad your day turned around.

    Maybe one day I won’t be a “Stranger” on your blog any more…

    Jesus bless you today!
    ~ Debbie

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