week from the phone (again)

today is just one of those mornings.  sleep wasn’t long enough, the coffee can’t brew fast enough, and for the life of me, i can not find my black flats.  this is all absolutely annoying.  thank God it’s friday, right?  right.  and while i try to get myself on the other “side of the bed”, let me remind myself of why i should be thankful.  captured on my phone since sunday…

my niece and nephew celebrating.

the scoobs and all her spunk.

at the local post office.  ugh, “you ARE”?  did they really mean that?

when the world decided to stop freezing and ushered in summertime temps, we ate outside.

and i looked at this.

and yesterday was playtime in auntie weasa’s car with these two.  we pretended we were driving somewhere and i remembered how much fun it is to imagine.  happiness.

now i’ll go find my black flats.

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