i want you to know

once upon a time i drove down to the Great Big Apple with my very favorite person in the world.

and my two other favorites, daddy & mumsie.

we stood on jersey’s shore and looked at the most magnificent skyline.

we attended church with a boy we love so much, lunched with many friends old and new, and spent our afternoon shopping.

i was told we were going on a dinner boat cruise in the evening and i was simply excited for an out-of-the-ordinary event with favorites.

there was a jazz trio and all sorts of strange seafood.

and there were such beautiful things to see on that wonderful boat.

but the best part?  my “out-of-the-ordinary evening” didn’t just stop with laughing and talking and enjoying the wonderful view.  no, there was a much better thing in store for this girl on top of that boat with jazz music playing and strings of lights keeping us company.

that’s where i found love.  that’s where, with a one word answer, i turned my life upside down.  and that’s where i experienced such happiness that i thought my heart would burst.

i’m going to get married.  i’m going to move away from everything i’ve known for the last 23 years.  my life is forever going to change.  you know this already.  but do you know how excited i am?  how incredibly happy i am?  how wonderfully in love i am?

i just want you to know.

6 thoughts on “i want you to know

  1. thanks for the telling. I am so excited for you both!!
    p.s. I clicked on every pic to make sure Josiah wasn’t behind it holding a gun. you know what I mean.

  2. I love this photo story. I’m so excited for you! I remember the excitement so well! Enjoy these busy planning days!

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