love me some bread

my newest obsession has been making anything that requires yeast and rising time. i will openly admit that i’m an obsessive person and although my obsessions come and go, this one won’t be going anytime soon even after my passion has waned. the husband and i like homemade whole wheat toast and sandwiches too much to start buying bread from the store again.

and really, is there anything better than slicing into a loaf when it’s still warm from the oven, letting butter melt into that goodness, and enjoying the best snack ever? i didn’t think so. i’m not so sure this obsession will fade anytime soon.

if you don’t follow me on pinterest then you don’t know that this really, really good recipe is the one i use on a weekly basis (i use more whole wheat than white flour myself). and you probably don’t know that there are these delicious wonders that you could be making. and you should.

they’re the best.

3 thoughts on “love me some bread

  1. We use that bread recipe too. Love it. And the rolls. Oh my. They are insanely delicious. With cinnamon butter? I could eat them way too often.

  2. I’ll have you know that I made those honey rolls twice since you posted this. The husband thinks they should be the main course in some fancy joint. Thanks!

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