what a lovely holiday

I’m just gonna say that my first Valentine’s Day as married girl was a success.

It could have been that he couldn’t wait to give me presents so they were brought out last night. It could be that in the mix of gifts there were REAL PEARL EARRINGS (let the choirs start to sing). It could be that we started today with my favorite meal: breakfast (i really just love it because i so enjoy my morning cup of coffee). It could be that we napped today. It could be that he brought me to a Salvation Army because he knows how much I love thrifting. And maybe it’s the dinner we had together at this fun place.

But I’m thinking it’s the fact that after all of that, he brought me to Price Chopper in Rome (that’s a city in NY for those of you completely confused). You’re thinking to yourself, “Wow, that is so nice of him to go grocery shopping with her.” And it is, but that’s not all. You see, I’m used to the country bumpkin versions of grocery stores since that’s what I grew up with. That means that I only know produce that appears to already be starting to wilt/rot and never being able to find half the ingredients you want. And when I moved here? Meh, not much of a change in that department. I resigned myself to never having a wonderful food shopping experience.

Until today.

This grocery store was glorious. It was large, it was spacious, food was fresh, and options seemed endless!

And I spent more money on this grocery run than I ever have for two people.

What an incredible present.

One thought on “what a lovely holiday

  1. We were in Rome too haha! That’s actually where were moving to. And this may sound crazy, but thrifting is my favorite thing to do in the world, and it made me smile to read that you enjoy it too:) We had an off day after me battling the flu last week and him getting it yesterday but even then, but he still was anxious for 9 am to arrive so that he could take a picture from Teleflora to Sunnycrest Flowers to show the florist the picture of the bouquet he wanted to see if they would make it. I woke up with a yucky 12 hour bug to him begging me to get up and come open my presents. I’m sure you saw the pictures. The flowers are ridiculously gorgous, the chocolates are new to me and I have found a new favorite, and the card could not have been more perfect (it had a pink elephant on it!) Not to mention our delicious dinner out (without Leila for the first time!). Minus the sickness the day was perfect, and I’m so glad yours was too:)

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