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Today you find me in a pair of running shorts and an oversized t-shirt. Want to know how oversized? Just imagine how much bigger The Husband is than me and picture me in one of his larger t-shirts. Oversized. Hot temperatures + a day of baking and cleaning = find absolute comfort (ie. comfortable but not very flattering shorts and shirts).

Today you find me stealing glances out my front window to make sure that they’re still there — my first blooming flowers. I did it! I helped something grow and blossom! My very tiny flower garden is thriving and making the world a bit more beautiful. I’m the luckiest.

Today you find me with my favorite sort of lunch. As long as there aren’t leftovers in the fridge (which I always feel obliged to consume) I choose an old favorite of cheese, crackers, and fruit. Why do we ever feel like we must grow out of our childhood meals? They’re still the best.

Today you find me still overjoyed by my weekend flea market finds. With no such shops in my new area weekend visits home usually include a scheduled few hours to stop by some place that sells used items which become my new treasures. Not ashamed: my house is full of $5 finds. Okay, this new cupboard that I cleaned and filled this morning was anything but $5 but check out the retro inside — totally worth a few extra dollars. (The picture will be hung eventually. The Husband does a better job and prefers doing those types of things himself after hearing about the massive holes I put all over my old bedroom walls. Sorry about that, Daddy!)

Today you find me singing along to old tunes that started being replayed often by my mums when I was almost a teen. A little Carly Simon and James Taylor have been keeping me company.

Today you find me more excited about a one night getaway with The Husband then I think I was about our honeymoon… 6 days in the Bahamas vs. 1 night in Saratoga Springs? I’m confused as well. Whatever — I’m excited. So, tomorrow morning, please come quick!

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