Every Wednesday I spend my morning playing dragons, doctor, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and reminding an almost-two year old to go potty every hour and a half or so. Throw a baby into the mix and there’s a bit of bottle feeding, burping, and diaper changing that also happens. Lunch time comes and one show is watched while I make sandwiches and we sit at a toddler sized table and chairs to enjoy some quiet time in front of the TV. This is followed by a rousing game of wrestling or hide-and-seek and then upstairs we go for books and naps.

The house is still right now. The four year old niece, the almost-two year old nephew, and the growing-too-fast newborn nephew are all sound asleep. And they will be for another hour or more.

Every Wednesday afternoon I get to sneak a nap in. Sometimes it’s short and interrupted by a hungry babe and other times it’s long. Either way, it’s enjoyed and appreciated.

Wednesday evenings are quiet. They are our home nights to eat a slow dinner, clean the kitchen together, and not leave the house at all. These are all things I love in the biggest way possible.

Wednesdays are good days.

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