what i would tell you

The sky is grey and the ground a clean white. If you were with me right now, in my kitchen, I would make you a cup of tea because that’s what you drink on days like today. You would be able to look out the window in front of my sink straight into my neighbor’s kitchen window (A friend is over right now and they sit at their table passing time over a game of cards.). You would smell the sausage lentil stew simmering on the stove and hear the washer running again as I do the final rinse cycle on a load of diapers.

If you were here right now I would sit myself down beside you at my island and tell you how I was right during all those years of walking to an office a quarter of a mile from my house during the winter months — snow really is much more tolerable when you’re a stay-at-home wife/mama and don’t have to go out. Ever.

I would tell you that this afternoon I’m a bit Childhood Home homesick. I’m not always, but when I am it almost hurts.

I would tell you that right about now I start watching the clock and waiting for The Husband to come home (although it’s another hour before he’ll even walk through the door). I would tell you about how incredible it is to be married, how much we’re in love, and I would apologize since I really don’t know what you’re going to do — the best man married me. I would also tell you that we’re listening to the playlist that played before my wedding ceremony began.

I would tell you that tomorrow is a big errand day, and I’ve turned into my mother and loathe going anywhere by myself. A quick text this morning to a sweet friend and she said she would tag along. I am so thankful.

I would tell you what a difference it makes when you choose God in the midst of everything. Peace in the midst of worry. Joy in the midst of sorrow. Hope in the midst of discouragement. Faith in the midst of fear. I would tell you how much I want everyone — you — to experience His goodness. My eyes would probably become wet as I say these things. Because you, sitting by me at my kitchen island, you matter to me. But what’s even better is that you matter to Him.

That’s what I would tell you.

3 thoughts on “what i would tell you

  1. I don’t know you…only through friends have I heard of you. But I know your wonderful husband and think the world of him and his family. I have read your other blogs, and am in awe of what a gift you have been given in writing. As I read this blog today, my eyes filled with tears at how very open and honest and trusting you are with your words. God has blessed you, Louisa, with a wonderful gift…one that I pray you keep on using to His Glory!!!! So someday, maybe, we shall meet…and I will again, hopefully, encourage you in your gift, because I truly feel it is something very special. God Bless you and Josiah and your sweet baby boy.

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