Today my little life has consisted of sleeping through my alarm, going to leave for church only to discover a dead car battery (and I was leading worship but I didn’t melt into a puddle of tears like I normally would — I am getting so mature), being rescued my be generous father-in-law, spending my morning loving Jesus and thinking about Family, dinner with some of The Husband’s lovely family, my baby taking a two hour nap and this girl sleeping for one of those, wearing pajamas by 5:30pm, The Husband tinkering away on something in the basement because he’s handy like that, and no evening plan other than being cozy in our beautiful home.

I love Sundays and my little life.

That’s all.

3 thoughts on “sundays

  1. Your little life is far from little. That’s for sure! Thanks for writing. All your readers love to hear from you!

  2. Louissa, you are such a great inspiring role model for women. Thank you for living your life through god so women can see that having an amazing life really is possible.

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