the morning so far

It’s still snowing. It has been for the past sixteen hours or so and it’s supposed to continue through to this evening. The Husband was out snow blowing our driveway at 5am but you wouldn’t know it if you tried pulling in right now. Last evening I tried to be positive as I commented on the beauty of our white world — noting the evergreens heavy with the snow mounds they carry. The Husband said that this year is more typical of what life is like around these parts and I almost said aloud, “Dear God, please call us to Los Angeles.” Instead I said inwardly, “Dear God, help me to be content.”

This morning I wanted to pull the covers over my head and sleep the day away. Despite the good night my Baby let me have, I felt exhausted, worn out, and tired, tired, tired of cold and snow. (There, I said it. I’m okay with winter the first few months, but by the end of February I start wishing winter away.) Instead I slipped out of my room at 6am to make coffee, later set aside the jeans that I’ve been wearing incessantly these last few months and opted for a skirt with leg warmers instead — because they really do keep your legs warm — and am now sipping hot chocolate. These are the things you do when you’re surrounded by heaps of snow and need to remind yourself that life really can be enjoyable no matter the season.

And weather? Please, Louissa. There are bigger things in life to be down about.

– – –

I’m listening to this sermon for the second time this morning. The first time was earlier when my Baby was happily playing on the floor and I was cranking out the 5 crunches my separated and wrecked ab muscles allow these days. And even in that moment, while I heaved myself halfway up and wondered how on earth my stomach had turned into a noodle, I felt conviction come upon my soul. How complacent I’ve become. Listen to it if you can.

– – –

My boy this morning. He’s beautiful even with his recent arrival into baby-hair-weirdness so I can’t not post a photo of him every chance I get.

3 thoughts on “the morning so far

  1. I’m so ready for spring also! It seems winter is extra long everywhere this year. Maybe some spring flowers for your table will make it easier to wait.

    I am slowly learning that crunches aren’t good if you truly have separated ab muscles. I’m pretty sure pelvic tilts are much better! However, since mine have never really gotten back to the way they used to be, I might not be the best person to listen to. : )

  2. Sarah, I thought about that this morning! I remembered Danica having said crunches only cause more damage in certain cases. Although I’m not sure I’m one of those, I would hate to unknowingly do harm. I’ll check these exercises out!

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