There are birds singing and a sun shining. The forecast calls for a warmer day and my house is part greenhouse so it will soak up all this sunshining-ness and warmth. My morning cup of coffee is finished and the baby, who decided that 4:50am was the perfect time for his mama to wake for the day, is snoozing already. Laundry has been started for the day and a phone call to Old Navy to ask WHERE IN THE WORLD IS MY PACKAGE THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO ARRIVE LAST WEEK happened.

I was everything pleasant on the phone. It’s not Erica’s fault that the world doesn’t think my address is actually in existence. By the way, if you ever visit — your GPS won’t bring you to my house.

I confess I’m an emotional eater and my hands were in my stash of chocolate by 6:30 this morning. A few nights of little sleep and I lose all want for self-control in my life. After initially feeling overwhelmed by the need to simply live today, I’ve pulled myself together and the chocolate will hopefully be consumed less.

That’s all. Enjoy this spring day. Open your windows even for just a few minutes to rid your house of some of the winter germs. And take a walk. Even if you think you don’t have time. You do. And it will be good for you.

That was mostly for me. Personal pep talks are essential in my life.

2 thoughts on “morning!

  1. Louissa,

    I’m a closet reader of your blog and I have been for at least a year now. Thanks for being real. It’s refreshing and it inspires me to not be so ashamed of those same real feelings we have. I know we never got know one another super well, but thank you for writing. It is encouraging to this girl who’s just about to leap into married life and “real” life too.

    So, this is a because-you-should-know kind of message to simply say thanks! It’s good to listen to a woman who’s a few steps ahead of you in life and who is still saying “It is well with my soul!” God is absolutely everything we need.

    Have a great day! Thanks again 🙂 I will no longer be a closet reader, and just another one of your faithful bloggers.

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