just an update.

I know, I know, I know. Where in the world have I been, right?

Well, I’ve been at my home. Desperately trying to keep up with everything and wondering why I thought life would be so quiet and simple as a stay-at-home mom. And ya know, there are slews of Mommy Blogs out there and I wasn’t sure the world wide web cared enough about being informed of another baby’s milestones month by month. Or the weekly update on height and weight.

(And if you were wondering: I don’t know how long my son is or how much he weighs. He is outgrowing clothes faster than I can keep up so I figure everything is good.)

Also: the last two weeks have been the most baby consuming weeks I’ve had so far. The fact that my floors hadn’t been mopped in a month until yesterday and my bathroom still covered in grime is testament of this. For two weeks our Sunshine wasn’t very sunshiney. And blogging gets put on the way back burner when the baby is fussy enough that I’m not given a moment to scrub my toilet.

The good part in all this is that during these two weeks, while I was awake more during the night than sleeping, and walking a baby way too much at 12am and 1am and 2am and — you get the picture — I was struck by the simple fact that these are the ways that I worship God right now. Not all seasons give you opportunity for glamorous worship. Some are just plain not fun. Like not sleeping but serving your baby. But it can still be your worship.

Oh, he’s back to himself. And I’m very thankful. So are my floors and so will my bathroom be later today.

And that’s the update on the baby. The world wide web is thankful for that as well, I’m sure.


We’re prepping for a bigger veggie garden this year. Because we’re cool.

Not really. It’s more because we eat produce like nobody’s business and we thought this may be cheaper and healthier in the long run. And really, could there be anything cooler than picking your own brussel sprouts to roast? I didn’t think so.

And that’s all your getting today, folks. Baby is ready to be laid down for a nap and I’ve got a date with my bathroom.

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