my boys

She knew better than to waste that time. There isn’t always someone who wants you singing to him or nibbling his ear or brushing his cheek with a dandelion blossom. Somebody who knows when you’re being silly, and laughs and laughs. So long as he was little enough to carry, she could hardly bring herself to put him down.

I’m feeling so freshly aware of how quickly my little men are growing — no longer babes on my hip. I’m loving it — seeing a sense of humor emerge (in that oldest boy), awareness develop, growing in responsibility & discipline (because staying on task when asked to empty the silverware from the dishwasher is a milestone in a small person’s world!), enjoying the moments when a real conversation takes place, and more and more independence¬†— it’s wonderful but a bit bittersweet. Stay little? But grow up? But always be my baby? But I can’t wait to see the man you become!

Sigh. The life of a mother.

These boys are special. And they are best buds. I’m always praying that they will forever be each other’s favorite companions — there’s nothing quite like a sibling best friend.

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