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  1. would that be the amount of time that you get to write an essay for one of the more stressful exams of your whole life?

    don’t worry. you will do great. once you are done with it and into college it kind of is like: who cares? it becomes so yesterday…ya know…

    keep praticing and you will ace that thing!

  2. Just use a lot of colorful words and everyone will love it :).

    Is it wicked nice up there yet? Down here we are getting sun burn already so yeh its summer time YA!

    Your Friend


  3. Omigoodness Louissa! You should have read mine! I think it was one of the worst things I have ever written in my life. I did it in class so we had to pass them to the right. “Janet, please don’t judge me for this, I’m really tired…” I said as I handed it over. Very humiliating. I tend to think of myself as a good writer, but 25 minutes to write whether you think secrets are harmful or not? C’mon… it just doesn’t work.

  4. wease,

    just pretend you’re writing a weblog entry. you do a great job with your longer ones — you’re going to do fine. and jamie’s right, it won’t matter as soon as you’re in school. of course if you procrastinate like all of your fine friends do then 25 minutes is comparable to the amount of time you’ll have! i just this morning rememberd the fifteen minute presentation i’m supposed to be giving in less than two hours. thank the Lord i don’t mind public speaking. . . but still. . .

    you’ll do fine.
    love you

  5. oh my word! i’m always so embarrased in that sat class… like the other day we had to switch the pop quiz papers and i was sitting next to Wesley!! eek! lol i always feel like suuch an idiot. oh well, i just hope that the real test goes well. then all this torture and pain and homework will be worth it! 🙂


    nate- I am very jealous of your weather… lol it sounds really nice… i’m white as a ghost here!

  6. i never doubted ur faith to american idol, i just was wondering if u were keeping ur word on being the biggest fan.. 😉 ya.and mikalah WAS good…:) she sounded like the nanny and i liked the nanny and her new show…………..ttyl

  7. ya, sometimes i do vote…… BUt only when the person has an extremely good voice like tamyra and jenifer….. ok ok AND mikalah…….lol

    p.s. sry bout commenting twice….. i double hit it…. ooopss…

  8. haha…that sounds way too farmiliar…and youd think id have learned by now too…oh well~ good luck: ) >your a good writer anyways- whats it on?

  9. How is it that you write a sentece and get an army of commenters, while I spend an hour trying to write a literary masterpiece and strugle to come up with a “your funny” from lore.

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