so yeah…

yeah… i was practicing some of my solos for the musical tonight.

yeah… it was rough. maybe you could miss the show by accident…?

yeah… that would be great. thanks. i appreciate it.

I couldn’t tell you why she felt that way,
She felt it everyday.
And I couldn’t help her,
I just watched her make the same mistakes again.

What’s wrong, what’s wrong now?
Too many, too many problems.
Don’t know where she belongs, where she belongs.

i know… an avril song. but she makes me think of my brother and sister. it makes me remember staying up until 2:00 talking, driving to altoona and back, going to DOC with him, going to Target and being the loudest with her, sitting on the couch while he does all my “computer stuff”, that she’ll be home soon — it reminds me of all the good thing’s that go with them.

9 thoughts on “so yeah…

  1. HEY!!! Avril rocks!

    you’ll do really well, don’t worry too much. it was like that for me last year…i always did horribly…i knew it stunk…so i didn’t even want to practice it…ya know? but mom pushed me, and i am def happy she did : )

    i miss you too!

    Sometimes I get so weird
    I even freak myself out
    I laugh myself to sleep
    It’s my lullaby

  2. Hey – don’t wish them away! They will love it – all of it – you, your friends, the costumes and sets, the music, the fun, the laughter, the singing, the dancing… Get the point! You’ll be great!

  3. Louissa, it was a week before the performance last year when I begged my mom not to let my grandparents come because I was so worried. It’ll turn out fine. It always does. Besides, most people will never notice your mistakes because they don’t even know the songs. With Fiddler people would have noticed!

  4. I wish I could be there to see you and your “rough” self. Sad to be so far away. Could we just push the two towns a bit closer so I can have the best of both worlds?

  5. You will be brilliant! No sweat, your like a professional at that stuff. In the non literal term, Break a leg! (why is it we say that? Honestly what goof started that fad, Oh well who knows.)


  6. you’ll be soo good… nates right- aren’t you like a pro?

    and as for the braces, i was considering getting black but thought they might look bad…so are you saying you liked them even thought they made your teeth look yellow? lol i have been getting blue almost everytime. they told me 2 years- but i have two teeth that need to come in, in that time and if not then longer…uuugghh: p

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