i guess i’m supposed to post or something… give you guys a new place to comment at. 🙂

come see the show.

april 29 & 30. 7:30 pm. free admission.

if for no other reason, come to watch me. it’ll be worth it.

it’s hard being so humble.

10 thoughts on “whatever.

  1. oh…what is the number i need to call for a ride…

    not that i am necessarily going–busy with school…and work is wicked hard to get off : )

    but if things work out, then maybe!

    have fun. thanks for posting again, i check far too often ; )

  2. Well after I graduate I will have to drive up sometime…maybe for your graduation party just so that we aren’t truly even but I will be up one. Uhm…Hmm…now I’m thinking 🙂


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