28 thoughts on “me and her. her and me.

  1. louissa, the title is cool. did you know that it is a figure of speech? it is called anadiplosis.

    another piece of completely useless information that they teach me down here…

    nice picture too : )

  2. i would agree with jamie,, a completely useless piece of information that he just shared–haha! Okay Louissa, so I really wanted to reply to your comment about the dress, but I’ll wait and say it in person on monday,, if you know what I mean:) ha

  3. aww awesome pictures!
    find some free night this week, okay?! i’m only busy tomorrow (monday) night… past that I’m pretty free and flexible! 😛

  4. okay..so “I must say, my name popped up quite a bit”.. I think somebody’s head needs to be poofed down because it is bloowwwing up!!! j/k, love ya and will see you tomorrow(i hope i can go early to paint.. but am not sure, how about you?)

  5. thanks for the comment! :-D…yeah i cant wait till the play this is going to be soo much fun!!!

  6. Hey!

    I need to smile more often so yeh :). I hope the play is going wicked, last night i talked to someone who was on the stage crew for “42nd Street” which I believe I to be a musical (I have never seen it) But she said it really sucked so I am glad I didnt go and see it but yeh I will prob end up going to see the Penn Hills play whatever that might be just for the heck of it. I am positive it wont even compete with the plays you guys put on up there because for the most part only the rejecet kids actually tryout for the musical so yeh.

    I really like the picture 🙂 Hope you are doin super super super coohl. You driving on your own? You have your own car? (your sis and I were almost in an accident last night, she under estimated my stationwagon and tryed to cut in front of me, gosh ..Its alright I can admit when a girl beats me 🙂 The the funniest thing ever happend a po po about 2mins later came zooming up and I thought was gunna pull me over but caught sombody else…LOL…So thanks to your sis I almos lost my clean driving record! Joke! Well this is forever long, Hope to talk to you soon.

  7. hey,
    just checkin up and seein how ur doin. hope all is well wih ur fam. keep up with american idol.

  8. i still have plenty of bracelets. let me know how many you want and i’ll send them along with someone on Friday.
    thanks for supporting bound4life, it has the otential to be a powerful movement.

  9. lol it was just brought to my attention that once we get to potsdam tomorrow night, we’ll only be able to stay for 40 mins or so… since I have to be home by 9 😛 it’s still worth going though, right??

  10. Okay, I forgive you. I hope you have a great time. The big NY city and seeing a show…thats a pretty sweet trip. 🙂

    Your friend Nathan

  11. ok. twenty-five comments is impressive…if one is posting daily ; )

    this particular entry is like four and one half years old–if one considers each time i check your blog to be a day : )

    have fun!

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