yes, i do like this dress.

if i was rich i would consider it for the class dinner.

ahh… i’m such a girl. already thinking about the class dinner…

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  1. i can’t even imagine myself ever being that skinny to look that good in a dress. —–but on that note,, I can’t wait for my hot fudge sundae after dinner tonight!

  2. lol which one did you talk to?? i know- i’ve made so many more friends at school because of julia… how weird is that? haha

    i love that dress too… my prom one is that length and it’s black with pink polk-a-dots hehe isn’t that fun? =P

  3. lol! i’m sure he didn’t mind…. 😉
    I call him Mickey all the time… and he’s never stopped me… lol he probably knows i wouldn’t listen anyhow. =P
    now i’m off to the sat!! eek- the next time i talk to you on this i’ll have finished the sat!! yay!!! i can’t wait til thisafternoon…. *sigh* lol ttyl!

  4. okay,,, abby is making no sense,,,email or call the girl!!!! I love it,, i’m going down reading your comments about this dress, and how pretty it is, then I see a comment from abby: saying something about talking to mickey all the time—vhut the heck are ya talkin’ about abby? (i love you loser:)

  5. i just noticed that only girls have posted ………..anyways i think the dress looks lovely and would look better with a redhead in it (that was a complement) how much does it cost??

  6. I love that dress! You would look good in that dress. Yep, i know what you mean by the rich thing:)

  7. I think you girls have just as nice a figure as the model wearing that dress … and I agree with Zach–Louissa, you would look better in it because of your hair (I love your hair, BTW)!

    Hope you *all* have a wonderful time at the dinner, and that what you wear won’t be as big a deal as the fellowship and food.

  8. Ok, I really like her hair! The dress isn’t bad but did you notice the way her hair is styled? An obvious statement that says “I didn’t do my own hair – I had a hairstylist do it” But still, I like it very much. Now I’m not saying I don’t like redheads, it’s just that a guy has his ideas of what type of hair he likes on a woman. And for me I like brown, but as for you looking good in the dress . . . . hmmmm . . . ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . . . .you are to funny! You would look wonderful . . . as long as you refrain from formal dinners. That girl doesn’t keep that figure by ahem, enjoying a delightful small, miniature, tiny, little, slight, modest portion of food at a formal dinner. ; ) I still love you though!

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