merrick’s drawing of his four favorite people in the play. he even got the feather.

and no one needs to tell me i have the best brother, because i already know that i have the best brother.

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  1. Alright Louissa!…joinin the SV blogring..lol.

    And while i noticed that i noticed how many subscriptions you have…its sick..that should be illegal.
    : )

  2. ok well you dont really know me at all but i was at the play and i wanted to say awesome job. it was truely awesome. oh and yeah my name on xanga is tharbumbarbuddarby. but yeah i just wanted to say that bc you did an awesome job for sure. really great…

  3. Oh im not jealous…i have just as many its i just “hide” the ones i dont want anyone to see.

    : P


    Jam for the lamb.

  4. Wow, I bet your Mom is soooo very proud of him! (And I bet she couldn’t finish reading that for the tears in her eyes) What a blessing!

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