royal claddagh

i am, at this very moment, wearing a big gaudy ring — and i love it. now most of you, if you know me at all, know that i don’t like “big and guady.” i prefer small and delicate. but not this time. this past monday, i purchased for myself a silver claddagh ring. for those of you who don’t know what a claddagh ring looks like…

i know, a big heart. rather cheesy, eh? rather, not very louissa. the only time i like hearts anything is on a valentine. not jewelry. and yet i love claddagh jewelry. perhaps it’s because of the family i grew up in. claddagh is celtic. a claddagh ring has been the traditional wedding ring in ireland since the 17th century. and my family is proud that they’re irish. my nana and aunts all have claddagh jewelry. i have claddagh earrings. and now a claddagh ring. or maybe that’s not the reason. whatever it is — all i know is that i love claddagh anything. it’s gaudy and yes, a heart with a crown and two hands surrounding it.

but you’ll probably see me wearing it on a regular basis. because i love the symbol. because i’m irish. and i’m proud of it.

and because i’m a freak! i have more pictures (check out the notes — i’m just so funny)!

10 thoughts on “royal claddagh

  1. watch out weese those rings are wicked trendy right now they are quickly becoming the new “Livestrong” bracelets.

  2. haha:) thanks.that picture was taken last night..its interesting but yeah.

    haha you’re one up on me on the field idea. see when i did it with hannah it was COMPLETELY spontaneous, i had just gotten back from prom that morning…haha im not even wearing my own pants…i really need to do it again with a better outfit on. your outfit however is wonderful…eeh:-p

  3. haha..this is funny you’re online right now.

    eeh. haha see ir eally wanna go out sometime right before i storm so the sky looks terrible. unfortunately the skies never look THAT terrible here…but i like the idea of it…hmmm..

  4. i have a claddagh ring too. i got it for my 14th birthday and only recently started wearing it(i’m 16 now). it’s funny the ring is bent so i can’t take it off now(i’m supposed to take off jewelry when i have a harp lesson so i worry about it at my lessons).

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