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  1. I’ve seen those rings before. They started getting popular when I was in high school. Except, I was always told that you wear it upside down to signify that you were dating someone or going “steady” or something. I had no idea that it had actual cultural and historical roots, including a funny name that I don’t think I could pronounce even if I tried! HA! How fun!!!

  2. yeah, Daniel went to your xanga site while at the church to ask for Jamie’s address–but after he submitted the comment realized it was under Stacie’s account.


    And then I told him that you don’t really use xanga anyways.


    And then I told him that I have Jamie’s e-mail address.


  3. I echo Japangela’s comment. Also, SO cool you “trying” to be Anne. I would love that role someday! I LOVE Anne!!!

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