the last post from spain

we had our last outreach last night. we leave spain tomorrow morning and arrive in jfk late afternoon.

they always say that you´ll change when you go on a missions trip, but i never believed them. until this trip. and now i´m thinking that what they say might be right. maybe you can change a bit. maybe i´ve changed. i´ll think about this some more.

last night after our outreach at the park, we turned bo bice on nice and loud, opened the car doors, and liz, julia, and i sang and danced for those sitting in the park in front of us. the spaniards loved us, we embarrassed some of our team members, but we had a great time.

i bought a painting the other night. 35 euros. i love it. i was waiting for the right thing and i got it. it´s something i´ll use always. i wish you could all see it. we bought presents for our family. i wish i had enough money to bring a bit of spain home to all of you.

alright. i shall see some of you when i get home. and everyone else, well, i`ll see you sometime.

peace baby.

2 thoughts on “the last post from spain

  1. alright — then I have another idea. Just come for few weeks. I have school off August 19th (friday) so I was thinking about going up north to visit so I could bring you back then. Sound like a deal?

  2. Louissa… that is so awesome. I find that in our culture we tend to become numb to the need of a Savior here in the north country and while you all have been in Spain, God has been opening my eyes to hunger and thirsty for something that will last. i can feel that revival is coming… i really seriously can feel it… it’s like a ship on the horizon… i see it and i hope you and the rest of the team see it also… our time is now and I’m so excited!! God bless Louissa… and don’t forget… your missions trip is never over.


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