the sweet U.S.

oh! blessed english keyboards!

i ate my breakfast on our porch. i have to admit, i was looking forward to haveing cold cereal with real cow milk, but it wasn’t everything i imagined it could be. but being able to look out and see green made it all okay.

i lost my luggage. yes, there was a very happy louissa at JFK yesterday. i was actually very mad, but told myself to get over it. it’s lost – there’s nothing i can do about that. i have my painting though. who needs clothes and film when you have the painting you purchased?

my sister asked me to go down this weekend and visit her for awhile. i would love to. now to make my mom love it so much. : )

and no, i do not have my license yet. i haven’t even taken the 5 hour course. and i know, it’s rather pathetic.

8 thoughts on “the sweet U.S.

  1. Wait, wait — your luggage is gone for good? or it is just temporarily lost? like, you are going to get it back, right?

    at any rate: tell mom that I am desperate for a sister to come. I am feeling quite homesick and wish I could be home right now to see how everyone is recovering from the trip. Everyone I see reminds me of someone up there! crazy.

  2. So you lost your luggage:)
    What do you know. I am so glad that you are home. I wish i never stayed up until you guys got home.Do you think there will be some way that you will be going to visit carina?
    How long if you do go? Did you have fun while you were there. Well i have to go.

  3. hah i thought the same when i sat down to type, and i enjoyed the story’s front porch. its so quiet, im lovin it. =)

  4. missions are so amazing. sadly when we went on a mission trip to Honduras we only got to spend one week. i love missions . . . . . but they are tough.

  5. Welcome back! I’m glad it was a good trip.

    As far as the license thing goes, you’re young yet. I didn’t get mine until I was almost 21.

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