my mother had a birthday today. so we went and saw this lovely house.

there are more photos. a few group shots… enjoy.

i should write more. but i’m too tired and i still have to get ready for worship tomorrow. good night.

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  1. Louissa….. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your beautiful family with all of us. (I forgot that it was your mom’s B-Day. Will you tell her sorry for me? Thanks) I always enjoy your pictures when you post them. But the ones from yesterday were really nice.

  2. I had a great time then!
    I would have to say that i got a little sun, but hey it was fun while we were there.
    To bad that the 2,3,4,5,6 floor was empty but the down stairs was fun.
    Did you go all the way up to the loft?
    I did. It was cool:)

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